Transferpants. A Case Study.

The Challenge:  How to increase sales for a small e-commerce website?
We began by asking customers about their experienceTransferPants with TransfPants.


Some words about us

Surveys - Helped to identify demographics of users and whether they were a primary user (immobile) or a secondary user (a caregiver).
  • Questionnaires - Perfect for getting consenus of user attitudes about the website and product.
  • Interviews - Obtained rich compelling narratives about personalized experiences.
  • Analytics | Key Insights

    User Stories

    We created three personas. Tiffany is the primary one.


    Tiffany, like the majority of customers, is skeptical, but desparate for help.

    User JourneyMap

    With a User Journey Map, We see Tiffany's pain points: Size Selection! During the initial purchase & for returns!


    Designs were iterated three times by consumters and evaluators. Based on the testing, the design was llimited to four pages: Home, Sizing, Product, and Community.

    Design Wireframes

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